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Coal Fast Fact: Space Occupied by Coal

  • A cubic foot of broken Anthracite coal averages 54 pounds.
  • A ton of loose Anthracite coal occupies 40-43 cubic feet.
  • A cubic foot of broken Bituminous coal averages 49 pounds.
  • A ton of loose Bituminous coal occupies 40-48 cubic feet.
  • More electricity is produced using coal than any other single fuel.

Source: 1919 Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory Of Genesee County, Michigan: Handy Tips

As an example, 45 cubic feet would require a bin
4 feet by 5 feet and 2 feet 3 inches deep. The illustration below puts the size of such a bin in perspective with the size of a person.

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on coal.

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